Is there anything interesting about travelling? Is it worth saving some of your earnings just to travel, stay in luxury resorts like Amankora and see the world? Does it enrich life? Many people have never taken travelling to be of any importance, maybe that is because they haven’t found a unique place to go and ease themselves of daily life stress.

Amankora in Bhutan

But to start with, why is travelling important and why do one need to look deeper to find the idle place to travel to? Travelling is as important as finding a place to travel. You learn about so many things at the cause of your travel, you explore other ways of doing things, experience different foods, different religions, other cultures, you get reminded about the beauty of this world and you get to learn about how to be adventurous.

The importance of travelling is so numerous but finding an ideal place to travel to is limited. In this article, I will help you explore Amankora. This is one of the best places to choose if you really want to learn and to explore just how importance travelling is.

I know you must be wondering what is so special about the Amankora, it is located in the Himalayan Kingdom country of Bhutan. The property which comprises of five lodges has an abundance of high altitude mountain treks for the adventurous tourist.

In Amankora, there is a full display of biodiversity. Treks starts from short valley walks to experiencing a full-day drives over the mountain trails blessed by an awesome wildlife and abundant green land. You also have to experience Bhutan’s majestic landscapes by travelling to all the five awesome Amankora lodges. These lodges are located in Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtey, Paro and Bumthang. When you travel you need to make sure everything is in order, and the most important things are the food, the hotel where you will decide to stay, and the transportation, which you can contact silver service taxi for your small trips thru the city or even make a package with a schedule to achieve your whole trip with them so This travel is an opportunity to discover the world’s last Buddhist kingdom.

The hike to Dodedrack village holds a natural beauty combined with the ancient Buddhist architecture. A half day hike is a journey to the monastic village which holds the 12th century mysterious temples and you can also have the opportunity to dine with the monks which will enable you to learn about new foods and explore more into the way of life of the ancient monks.

From Amankora Paro, you get to experience the Tiger Nest Monastery, clutching a 900 meter cliff is one of Bhutan’s most beautiful national treasures. Enjoy the four hour hike that can include riding on horses or mules into the ancient monastery where Buddhism is said to have first arrived in Bhutan.

Travel to the Khamsum Chorten, the hilltop temple of Giligang and Punakha Dzong, an experience of the marvelous Bhutanese architecture. The drive among the rice paddies and lush forest from Amankora Punakha, offers a beautiful view of the surrounding temples and landscape.

Get to experience Bumthang which sits next to Wangdicholing, the summer home of the first two kings of Bhutan. This beautiful structure, built in 1857 as the king’s first palace, still has the monks residing in it and can be visited at any time of the year.

Visit any of the Amankora’s to have some of the biggest and unforgettable life experiences on earth. The uniqueness of Amankora resorts will make you to understand the true importance of travelling.

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