Hello there! I am Sai, a foodie, an addicted luxury traveler and a serial travel blogger. It’s always interesting to have you visit my blog to learn, be informed and get help on luxury travel, fine dining & chic life.

I can’t deny how enjoyable I find travelling and luxury, I actually find it much more enjoyable to write about my personal and professional experiences for all to enjoy and learn from.

As a person who visits an average of eight countries and twelve cities every year and dines in some of the finest places around the globe, I deem myself worthy of sharing my personal experiences and helping travelers, foodies and good life addicts like myself make the best choices.

The internet is unarguably flooded with numerous generic opinions on travel, dining, luxury hospitality and tourism in general, where intending traveler often resort to for information and help. Unfortunately, the majority of opinions around the internet are in most case, false, adulterated, sponsored or misleading.

As a person, I stay out of the temptation of preaching what I don’t practice and as such I majorly give opinion only based on personal or professional experiences. Beyond relating the most valuable and useful hacks as regards the best deals & choices relating to luxury travel, fine dining and chic life, I intend to really see Maxim Luxe grow into a community where we all can converse around this niche.

As you get to read my posts you would notice how much I like to spill it as it is, rather than patronize and show bias towards brands or service providers. In most cases when I travel or go out to have some fun, I take it upon my curios self to always experience and try out various services, just so I can help others with my personal experience.

The deals, tips, hacks, tricks and insights I provide on this blog can be trusted upon than most of travel eBooks sold around the internet for few cheap bucks. In as much as I love to write professionally, I try to break it all down and make sure everyone can relate to and understand all the contents on my blog.

Lastly, I’d love to really let you know how much I long for your feedback via comments or emails, they actually encourage me, enlighten me, correct me and keep me going. However, I implore you as a reader to be civil and pleasant to other readers in the comment section; we’re all here to teach, learn and have so much fun.

There are actually much more nice things about me and Maxim Luxe to discover, but that’s by the way. Stay around and enjoy the content I have for you and I hope they help!


Introduction To Authors Of Maxim Luxe

Moony Tran works as a visiting English lecturer at HCMC University of Technology in Saigon. When she was doing her MA, she decided to travel to find an answer to “why something is always not so right”. On her trips to many places, she has discovered & developed herself to be a happier & truer self. After two years of travelling, she wanted to write down her memories with an aim to inspire other people to hit the road & to explore new places solo.