If you are among those who wish for a wedding event to be full of excitement, surprises and beyond dreams than the most perfect thing is to have the wedding event on a beautiful island. There are number top wedding destinations in the world which are famous for their incredible hospitality and event management. If you are planning for a mermaid based theme for your wedding, you can download mermaid clipart from the web.

Some of them include the Andaman Islands n India, Bali in Indonesia, Santorini in Greece and the exotic Bahamas islands. All of these destinations are considered as the top most wedding destinations, where you can experience a fairy tale like wedding. And, when you are planning a destination wedding to such an exotic place, you can save your time and money by planning through wedding planning sites online where you can find wedding venues, photographers, makeup artists and everything you need to have a hassle free wedding. You can download the app too.

Andaman Islands, India

Andaman sea wedding by Dasha Sulimenko on 500px.com

Having a wedding on the beautiful Andaman Islands is a dream for many. The beauty of the Andaman Islands is because of the exotic beaches, lush greenish blue sea water along with pleasant environment. Having a wedding on the Andaman Islands is different than the traditional wedding. On the Andaman Islands the accommodations is limited, therefore you cannot have a huge amount of guests in your wedding.

There are a number of beach resorts who can organize your wedding event according to you requirements. Moreover, there are well organized tip planners who can professionally handle your event requests. From booking to the event planning, they can surely deliver their services professionally and on time.

Bali, Indonesia

A romantic sunset by Adri Padmos on 500px.com

Bali is famous for its lush green natural environment. The beautiful Island has some of the top ranked resorts in the world. It is not only a top destination for the wedding but it is also a top honeymoon destination. Bali has wonderful resorts such as Bulgari hotel and resort, Pan pacific resort, Conrad hotel and resort and many more. Besides the pleasant environment, these resorts can turn your wedding day just like of a fairy tale wedding.

The cost of the wedding depends on the hotel. If you want to select a four or five star hotel then definitely it will going to cost your higher that the three star hotel. There are wedding packages as well and it is better to plan your event a year before to avoid the booking problems. There are also well reputed vendors, photographers and event planners on the island. Therefore, do a complete research and plan your event months before to have the most perfect wedding on the beautiful Island of Bali. Click here for details.

Santorini, Greece

Honeymoon! by Alex Budiman on 500px.com

The beautiful Island of Santorini is located in Greece. Santorini Island is top destination for honeymoon and weddings. The Island has some of the best resorts with lush blue sea view. Having a wedding on Santorini Island is a dream for many. On the Santorini islands most of the resorts are architecture with plain white color, yet it gives an amazing view along with the lush blue sea.

Infact, the wedding pair can select an outfit according to the Santorini Island theme for their dream wedding. The island is full of exotic views and it is a great opportunity for the wedding photographers to take amazing wedding snaps. There are all types of wedding services available on the island to enjoy the reliable wedding experience.

The Bahamas Islands

Atlantis Bahamas Wedding by Mark Da Cunha on 500px.com

Bahamas Island is known for its elegant environment, exotic beaches and modern infrastructure. The topics island has some of the best wedding venues. The beach resorts will provide all types of wedding services such as photography, event planning, decor and catering. If you are looking for a great wedding event near the blue oceans on lush white sand than the Bahamas Islands is the best choice.

Indeed, these were a few top wedding destination islands in the world for a dream wedding.