New York is famous for its high range of classy restaurants that specialize in serving beef steaks. Taking a stroll past any of these steakhouse in New York will bring you closer to an ultimate steak source. Here, you stand to find your own plate of a juicy slab of beef ready to be dissected with a steak knife. These temples of mineral funk and dry age were founded to provide meat-craving patrons with some sumptuous classics.

The Best Steakhouses In New York

Here 5 of the best steakhouses in New York City.

1. Lincoln Square Steak

Depending on your mood and budget, there is always something for everyone at Lincoln Square Steak. Yes, everything from a bargain package of a burger and beer to porterhouse steak are available at your disposal at this high-end steakhouse in New York. The room is well-spaced and charming servers set down to attend to your very need with excellent food and service. What a nice place to feel great comfort and relaxation!

2. Club A Steakhouse

Whether you are an irresistible foodie or a defiant food snob, Club A steakhouse in New York is the perfect place to be. With the right acoustics and atmosphere, you’ve just found the right place for all your steaky needs. Interestingly, this pretty large restaurant still offers a good sense of intimacy. For a start, try the bacon and get ready for every other thing. You’ll be mesmerized by the complimentary additional side dishes delivered by the chef!

3. Keens Steakhouse

For classic steak chops, Keens is a great place to be. Before transcending into a steakhouse, Keens initially started out as a midtown chophouse in 1885. Since then, it has borne a particular pedigree that has withstood countless imitations.

With antique collectibles clustering on the walls of several dimly lit rooms, Keens is where you get connected to an extraordinary and imaginative past that once existed in the state. It’s pretty easy to end things on a sweet note in this steakhouse in New York as it offers over 16 choices for dessert, a saddle of lamb, a gargantuan bone-in prime rib, charred steaks and chops.

4. Churrascaria Plataforma

At this splendid but ultimately frenzied Brazilian steakhouse in New York, a samba band fuels the passion. Here, almost everything but greens can be used to cram up your salad bar including sushi, hearts of palms, quail eggs and octopus.

Before heading for this, don’t forget to grab a potent glass of the famous Brazilian cocktail – Caipirinha. Don’t be so quick to leave as the best is yet to come. Whether it’s prime rib, lamb or sausages, there is always an endless stream of meats at this churrascaria. When I order sausages, my personal choice is natural casing sausage (casing made from hog intestines).

5. Gallagher’s Steak House

Walk past Gallagher’s glass-enclosed street-side meat locker and you will be at a closer range with your steak. On the contrary, this formidable steak restaurant whose interior is mostly adorned with the photos of female celebrities tends to attract a largely male clientele.

Though a good number of clients are pleased to know that the aged beef is flamed over hickory logs, there are still a few surprises awaiting them on the uncomplicated menu. This is a place where you’ll want to keep eating more than a few sides of beef blended with watery creamed spinach.

So, don’t forget to hangout in any of the steaky spots, to have a good meal when next you visit New York.